Difference Delivered sets up logical, effective Workflow for CargoWise One clients. Director Carsten Steinmetz spent seventeen years working in freight forwarding, from apprentice, to import manager to CEO. He understands how freight forwarding works, how it should work, and how Workflow can make it more profitable. 


Steinmetz told the story of one customer, who was struggling to send documents to overseas agents from the system. "They were sending multiple documents with single files. It was a mess. I created a document pack tying an air waybill with commerical invoices and other exporter documents so they could send their entire pre-alert package together.”


The improvements didn't stop there, as Difference Delivered automated the sending of consolidation and shipment documents to the relevant parties on the transaction.  The client’s new Workflow integration is so efficient that a process that would previously have taken 5-15 minutes is now one click.  When you’re doing that 15-20 times a day, the savings add up pretty quickly.


This is one common example of how Workflow improvements can save both time and money.  Difference Delivered has also assisted clients with exception management, task management, and automated notifications. There are a multitide of ways Difference Delivered can make an impact on business operations for freight forwarders using Workflow within CargoWise One.


There are real benefits to Workflow automation.  If you build in automation, it gives your staff time to have meaningful conversation with customers, to help grow your business organically. If you are more financially minded, you can take these efficiencies and cut costs. If you are more sales minded, you can take these efficiencies and grow the business. Either way, you win.



It was important to me that we leveraged the tools in the system to increase productivity and improve the way we worked.
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