"Begin with the end in mind"

-Stephen R Covey


How do you begin? Where do you start your CargoWise One Implementation? If you’ve never done this before, it can be daunting. There are hundreds of little business decisions to make that will impact your operations, your efficiency and the effectiveness of your system.


As the CEO for a medium-sized regional forwarder in the Southeastern United States, Carsten Steinmetz implemented CargoWise One with good results. “I understand the business. I embrace technology and the way that technology integrates with our work.  I find it fascinating.  My experience uniquely combines both industry expertise and technology expertise.”


That comes in handy when solving client problems. Recently Difference Delivered was inputting customer rates for a client. When they didn’t add up, Difference Delivered saw the problem and was able to correct it before it became a systematized rate issue.  Difference Delivered can think about the business case and the fundamentals that go behind it. 


Our approach to implementation incorporates Steven Covey's philosophy of beginning with the end in mind. Decisions you make in implementation will impact how you get to your end goals. No one switches an IT system for fun. They do it because they weren’t able to accomplish something in their legacy system.  Knowing this, Difference Delivered can tailor your CargoWise One system to achieve your goals.


Combining Difference Delivered's experience implementing CargoWise One as a user as well as a WiseService Partner makes implementation of CargoWise One less of a burden on existing staff.   Difference Delivered can help your company realize efficient and effective system usage for your team, making the platform enjoyable and highly productive to work with.  

I want to use my experience in the industry and my knowledge of the system to help other CEOs and business owners leverage software to beat the competition.
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