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Freight forwarders can implement or improve their experience with CargoWise One through WiseService Partner Difference Delivered. Difference Delivered brings a wealth of industry experience to the table, with Director Carsten Steinmetz having served as Chief Executive Officer for a mid-sized regional forwarder in the United States. While CEO, Steinmetz rolled out CargoWise across his company, finding efficiencies and building profitability. 


That’s what Difference Delivered can do for your company, as you implement CargoWise One. Utilize Difference Delivered’s experience as a freight forwarder, to make CargoWise not just a choice in technology, but an advantage in the marketplace. As a WiseService Partner, Difference Delivered assists logistics companies around the world in strategic differentiation.


Difference Delivered has project packages, and daily consultation rates available. Please call or email to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with us.  



What Is Difference Delivered?

One client contacted Difference Delivered saying that his customer, an importer, wanted to have online reporting and quoting for his staff to be able to calculate freight charges for the shipments to their end users. Without that capability the Difference Delivered client wasn’t going to get an exclusive agreement. 


With only two days to prepare, Difference Delivered set up WebTracker for the customer, input the rates for the ten origins from which they import, and prepared a sales presentation. Difference Delivered then led a webinar with the client, the forwarder, and their client, the importer, to show them the features of WebTracker and how to create quotes.


In the months prior to that meeting, the importer averaged 9 jobs a month with Difference Delivered’s client. In the month since their meeting, the client got 16 jobs from that one importer, an increase of 75%. Because they now have better buying power, the client increased their profit per job by 60%. The overall value of this one client has increased by 280%.


That’s Difference Delivered.

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